Residency Continuity Clinic

We are especially proud of our Resident Continuity Clinic. This is a weekly clinic where each resident, with attending supervision, is the primary dermatologist for his/her panel of patients. The resident is responsible for the evaluation of the patient, crafting the assessment and plan, and following up on any after visit labs, biopsy results, surgery or procedure scheduling, and patient messaging. Additionally, residents can schedule their own patients into resident-run procedure clinics, offering surgical continuity for patients they diagnose with non-melanoma skin cancers, atypical nevi, melanomas, and benign skin lesions. Residents are given graduated autonomy in these clinics as they attain knowledge, confidence, and expertise in treating both common and complex skin disorders.

Residents are assigned to the VA for their first year of continuity clinic. Second and Third year residents hold their continuity clinics at the Duke South Durham Dermatology clinics.

Director, Duke Resident Continuity Clinic: Dr. Amber Fresco

Duke South Durham Dermatology – Attendings Dr. Matilda Nicholas, Dr. John Murray, Dr. Amber Fresco

Veterans Affairs Dermatology Clinic – Attendings Dr. Sarah Blanchard, Dr. Sabrina Shearer, and other VA faculty