Amy Blum

Dr. Amy Blum

Second Year Resident

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What are your career interests?

Complex medical derm, general derm, immunoderm, adverse drug reactions, dermpath


Why did you choose Duke for residency training?

Duke has the perfect combination of academic rigor and inclusive culture. The faculty are experts in their fields, which translates to great clinical, mentorship, and research opportunities for residents. At the same time, the program is small and the leadership nurturing. Duke is an incredible place to be a learner! The surrounding area is also green and affordable, so an ideal place to spend weekends!


Education & Training

Undergraduate: Wesleyan University, BA Molecular Biology & Biochemistry; Psychology, 2013.

Graduate: Wesleyan University, MA   Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, 2015.

Medical School:  Harvard Medical School, 2021.

Internship:  Cambridge Health Alliance, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Transitional Year, 2021-2022.

Residency: Dermatology, Duke University, 2022 - 2025


Awards & Honors

2021 cum laude with Honors in Dermatology, Harvard Medical School

2017 NIH Director’s Award, Genomic Data Commons Project Team Award

2015 Samuel J. Heyman Service to America People’s Choice Award, TCGA Team Award

2014 Early Initiate, Phi Beta Kappa

2014 Scott Biomedical Prize for Excellence in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry


Publications & Presentations

  • Blum, Amy E; Burgin, Susan. “Eczematous drug eruptions”, 2021, American journal of clinical dermatology, 22 ,3, 349-366.
  • Blum, Amy E; Murphy, George F; Lee, Jonathan J; "Digital dermatopathology: The time is now”, 2021, Journal of Cutaneous Pathology,48,4,469-471.
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  • Gabel, Colleen K; Nguyen, Emily D; Chakrala, Teja; Blum, Amy E; Francois, Josie; Chand, Sidharth; Rrapi, Renajd; Baker, Olesya; Dobry, Allison S; Garza-Mayers, Anna Cristina. “Assessment of outcomes of calciphylaxis”, 2021, Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, 85, 4, 1057-1064, 2021.
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  • Flegr, Jaroslav; Blum, Amy E; Nekola, Ondôej; Kroupa, Sabastion. “What people prefer and what they think they prefer in short-and long-term partners. The effects of the phase of the menstrual cycle, hormonal contraception, pregnancy, and the marital and the parenthood status on partner preferences", 2019, Evolution and Human Behavior, 40, 1, 112-125.
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VisualDx Articles:

  • Cryoglobulinemia
  • Livedoid vasculopathy
  • Calciphylaxis
  • Trichoblastoma
  • Multinucleate cell angiohistiocytoma
  • Cherry hemangioma
  • Eczematous drug eruption


Poster presentations:

  • Gabel, C.K., BLUM, A.E., Francois, J., Chakrala, T., Dobry, A.S., Garza-Mayers, A.C., Ko, L.N., Nguyen, E.D., Shah, R., St. John, J., Nigwekar, S.U., & Kroshinsky, D.. (October, 2020). Clinical mimickers of calciphylaxis: A retrospective study Poster presented at: MGH Research Day; Boston, MA, USA.
  • Thompson, L.L, Li, E.B, Molina, G.E., Chang, M.S., Polyakov, N.J., Yoon, J., Said, J.T., Huang, K., BLUM, A.E., Krasnow, N.A., Kuchroo, J.R., Hinton, A.N., Reynolds, K.L, & Chen, S.T.. (October, 2020). Impact of Dermatologic Consultation on Cutaneous Immune-Related Adverse Events in Cancer Patients Poster presented at: MGH Clinical Research Day; Boston, MA, USA.

Dr Blum has a weekly clinic at the Durham VA. This clinic is run by both resident and attending physicians at the VA. To make an appointment with Dr. Blum, please call 919-416-8070.