The Dermatology and Pathology Clinical Research Unit

The Dermatology and Pathology Clinical Research Unit (CRU) is the operating business unit responsible for the integrity, financial accountability, regulatory compliance, quality, and academic productivity of clinical research studies taking place in the Departments of Dermatology and Pathology. The CRU is available to help faculty and trainees in the departments with all aspects of their clinical studies and grant submissions. Early involvement of the CRU in study planning will help ensure efficient study design, IRB submission, and grant preparations.

The CRU is actively growing and expanding resources to further address the needs of the department. The goal of the CRU is to be able to support all users in every aspect of their clinical research goals. Your first point of contact is the Research Practice Manager (RPM) of the CRU and depending on your specific needs you will be connected to the appropriate person to assist you!