Teaching, Investigating and Caring.

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We are committed to providing the highest level of patient care to all patients with skin disease; especially those with severe and difficult to treat and diagnosis diseases, while adhering to the highest ethical standards in our individual and collective work. 

  • To provide the highest quality care for patients with skin disease.
  • To provide compassionate service to all patients.
  • To help provide care to those with limited access to dermatologic care.
  • To adhere to the highest ethical standards in all of our individual and collective work.
  • To developing an environment that values individual creativity and freedom and supports and respects each individual’s goals and aspirations.
  • To develop an efficient, cost-effective clinic that supports the financial and intellectual growth of the faculty.

We are committed to being the national leader in developing the next generation of exceptional clinicians and scientist, who are leaders of character for Dermatology.

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  • To train dermatology residents to become excellent clinicians who practice medicine with the highest of ethical standards.
  • To develop the next generation of leaders in academic and clinical dermatology.
  • To train students and other physicians in basic care of patients with skin disease.
  • To provide continuing education to dermatologists in our department and community.

We are committed to having an environment that fosters individual creativity and freedom resulting in new knowledge in the science and in the clinical practice of Dermatology.

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  • To develop new knowledge that advances skin biology through basic research.
  • To develop the specialty of dermatology and care of patients with skin disease through translational and clinical research.
  • To develop the means to allow new knowledge to be utilized by patients and physicians beyond Duke.