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Pigmented Lesions

Patients at high risk for melanoma of the skin (dysplastic or atypical nevi (moles), numerous nevi, personal and/or family history of melanoma) are eligible for the Pigmented Lesion Clinic. The Pigmented Lesion Clinic offers particular expertise to maximize early melanoma detection while minimizing the number of unnecessary biopsies.

We approach patients with melanoma in a multi-disciplinary fashion, working closely with our surgical, medical, and radiation oncology colleagues, as well as our dermatopathology team, to develop a carefully considered plan of care for each patient.  
Our services include:

  • Dermoscopy: a process where a doctor uses a special magnifier to learn more about areas of concern.
  • Mole mapping (MoleMapCD®): a photographic image evaluation system for early detection of melanoma and skin cancer. High resolution total body digital images are obtained and these images are used to track changes in the appearance of moles over time and detect new lesions.  Each patient receives a copy of their images for home use, and a copy is securely stored for use during clinical visits.
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic removal of moles and early stage melanomas.

New patients should request pathology reports for all skin lesions previously removed and bring these reports with them to their first appointment. Patients may call 919-684-3432 to schedule an appointment.

Physicians offering this service include:



Amber R. Atwater, M.D.



Dr. John C. Murray   John C. Murray, M.D.

Dr. Sarah A. Myers   Sarah Myers, M.D.

   Michelle B. Pavlis, MD


40 Duke Medicine Circle. Durham, NC 27710
5324 McFarland Drive, Suite 210 , Durham, NC 27707