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Duke Dermatology has a long and successful history of teaching, investigating, and caring.  We take enormous pride on each one of the pillars

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that drive our mission and we work hard everyday to live up to that mission.  From our state-of-the-art treatment of skin diseases and disorders to our engagement with the larger Durham community through partnerships that benefit those less fortunate, we make caring one of our top priorities.  We strive to develop new knowledge in Dermatology through basic research and through translational and clinical research and we also strive to develop the means to allow new knowledge to be utilized by patients and physicians beyond Duke.  Investigating is another one of our priorities.

And then, we teach.   We teach our residents; we teach non-derm students and physicians how to provide basic care of patients with skin disease; and we offer learning opportunities to dermatologists in our department and our community. We teach a lot! And we love it! All the great work and all the knowledge we gain through our patient care and through our research would not be complete if we did not share it, if we did not teach it, to our colleagues, our students, and our residents.  Teaching is not only what we do, but who we are.  We train our residents to become excellent clinicians who practice medicine with the highest of ethical standards. We can only accomplish this if we are truly committed to teaching; if we actively seek out or create opportunities to share our knowledge and to guide and support our trainees as they progress through their residency. We teach, we mentor, and we nurture our trainees and in doing so, we know we are also contributing to the caring and investigating pillars of our mission: the better we are at teaching, the better our patient care and our research will be.  

And because teaching is such an integral part of Duke Derm, we have established the Legacy Dermatology Teaching Fund. Distributions from this restricted endowment fund will provide one or more annual awards to faculty members who best display dedication to, and excellence in the teaching of residents, fellows, and others. The endowment will give Duke Dermatology the ability to reward faculty for their outstanding work training the next generation of dermatologists. The Legacy Dermatology Teaching Fund emphasizes that education is a priority for our department equal to those activities that generate revenue.  By supporting the Legacy Dermatology Teaching Fund, you can help us recognize the faculty whose dedication to and excellence in teaching greatly contribute to our continued success.  We encourage you to help us meet the $300,000 minimum investment needed to establish this endowed fund. Once fully funded, it will become a permanent endowment which will ensure a source of funding in perpetuity.

We have achieved a lot throughout the years and we will continue to achieve and to be a national leader in developing the next generation of dermatologists and it is all possible thanks to our unwavering commitment to teaching.   Let us recognize our best teachers!


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