Streicher Award

Mike Streicher

The Streicher Award was established in 2004 to honor Mike Streicher.  Mike was our Business Manager and was an exceptional individual.  Although Mike battled serious health issues which resulted in his death at a young age, his passion for exceptional service never wavered.  Mike was committed to providing “Exceptional Service to our Patients, Providers and Support Team” in all that he did.  His devotion to the entire Dermatology team was evident in his positive approach to all.  This award remains a tribute to all of those exceptional qualities that defined Mike Streicher.

The award is presented twice a year.  Members of the Department of Dermatology submit nominations according to the following criteria:

Nominees must have been employed in Dermatology for at least one year.  Previous recipients of this award may be considered after two years.  The nominee must also be an individual that meets the following key requirements:

1)   Consistently demonstrates concern, courtesy and respect for others

2)   Demonstrates initiative, dependability and is flexible within their job description

3)   Consistently collaborates with all team members

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