"Teaching" is a core mission for the Duke Department of Dermatology. To accomplish this mission, we aspire:

  • To train dermatology residents to become excellent clinicians who practice medicine with the highest of ethical standards.
  • To develop the next generation of leaders in academic and clinical dermatology.
  • To train students and other physicians in basic care of patients with skin disease.
  • To provide continuing education to dermatologists in our department and community.

Education Leadership

Erin Lesesky

Erin B. Lesesky, MD
Residency Program Director
Vice Chair of Education

Dermatology Residency Leadership

Erin Lesesky

Erin B. Lesesky, MD
Associate Professor of Dermatology
Residency Program Director
Vice Chair of Education

Amber Ingram Fresco

Amber Fresco, MD
Associate Residency Program Director

Dr. Melodi Javid Whitley

Melodi Whitley, MD, PhD
Assistant Program Director for Resident and UME Research

Dr. Daren Simkin

Daren Simkin, MD
Assistant Director of Undergraduate Medical Education

Medical Students and non-Dermatology Residents Leadership

Caroline Rao

 Caroline Rao, MD
Director of Medical Students

Sabrina Shearer

 Sabrina Shearer, MD
Director of Visiting Students

Megan Jamison, MD

Megan Jamison, MD
Director of non-Dermatology Adult Resident Rotation


Sarah Blanchard

Sarah Blanchard, MD
Director of Pediatrics
Resident Rotation

Pediatric Dermatology Fellowship

Neil Prose

 Neil Prose, MD

RAbina Walsh

 Rabina Walsh, MD
Associate Director

Skin of Color Fellowship Leadership

Tarannum Jaleel

Tara Jaleel, MD