Dr. Frederic Blum Visiting Professors

Fred Blum

Duke Dermatology lost a great friend with the death of Dr. Fred Blum on October 17, 2008.  Fred completed his residency in Dermatology at Duke in 1989 and practiced dermatology in Durham, most recently with Duke Dermatology graduates Drs. Lori Etter, Craig Heinly and Steve Higgins.  Fred was committed to teaching and learning about dermatology.  He was an active volunteer teacher at the Durham VA Medical Center and recruited other outstanding dermatologist to participate in our teaching program at the VA.  Fred was also an enthusiastic participant in our monthly Duke/UNC Clinical Conferences, asking probing questions and relishing the camaraderie that is so typical of dermatology in our community.

In honor of Fred and his commitment to learning and dermatology we have established the Fred Blum Lectureship in Dermatology at Duke. Contributions to the Fred Blum Lectureship in Dermatology can be made by sending your tax deductible contributions to Duke Dermatology, Box 3135, Duke University Medical Center Durham, NC, 27710.

 Year Dr. Fred Blum Visiting Professor
2009 Lisa Beck, MD
2010 Timothy Berger, MD
2011 Whitney High, MD
2012 Suephy Chen, MD, MS
2013 Roopal Kundu, MD
2014 Heidi Kong, MD, MHSc
2015 Dee Anna Glaser, MD
2016 Eric Simpson, MD, MCR
2017 Carrie Kovarik, MD
2018 Stavonnie Henderson-Patterson, MD
2019 Andrew Alexis, MD, MPH
2020 Ginette Okoye, MD
2021 Susan C. Taylor, MD
2022 Howa Yeung, MD, MSc