Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Our specialty clinic believes in a multidisciplinary approach to treatment and management of hidradenitis suppurativa.  We are committed to improving our patients' quality of life by delivering tailored care to those affected by this chronic, and sometimes incapacitating, painful skin disease. We are dedicated to delivering a personalized plan that will incorporate targeted medical and procedural management after careful assessment of individual lesions and extent of skin involvement.  We also focus on a more holistic approach to identify and address modifiable factors not confined to the skin that tend to be co-associated with hidradenitis and contribute to the overall disease morbidity.  These include pain, depression, heart disease, obesity, joint disease, infections, bowel disease and smoking.  We work as a team at Duke to coordinate care among different specialties to achieve the best possible outcome for our patients.

Tarannum Jaleel

Tara Jaleel, MD


3K Clinic, Duke South
40 Duke Medicine Circle, Durham, NC 27710