Pinnell Center for Investigative Dermatology

The Pinnell Center for Investigative Dermatology at Duke University has its mission to promote the growth of research in skin and epithelial biology and in the pathogenesis and treatment of skin diseases.
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The primary focus of the Pinnell Center is to promote collaboration between investigators within the Department of Dermatology, Duke University School of Medicine and throughout Duke University.

The Duke Pinnell Center through its Core Laboratories provides high quality state of the art technical services for investigators and facilities for the collection and analysis of human and animal tissues. These services and facilities are available to all investigators at Duke and will facilitate new research focused on skin biology and skin diseases. The Pinnell Center support a voucher program to provide assistance to investigators in order to stimulate to new research, new investigators and Pinnell members.

In addition, the Duke Pinnell Center has a strong enrichment program supporting monthly seminars and a yearly symposium on skin biology and disease. The Pinnell Center supports mentoring programs for which is focused on developing interest in skin biology and skin diseases research in. undergraduates and medical student, especially those underrepresented in dermatology and science Finally the Duke Pinnell Center sponsors awards for investigators with potential translational applications of their research through a multi-disciplinary Translational and Innovations Research Support program.

Administrative Core

Russell P. Hall, III, MD, Director
Chuan-Yuan Li, PhD, Associate Director

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The Duke Pinnell Center Administrative Core provides the infrastructure and coordinates all activities. The Administrative Core is focused on increasing the collaborative environment focused on skin disease research, ensuring the effective and appropriate utilization of all Core Lab services and promoting new ideas and projects with a focus on translational research. The Administrative Core is committed to a strong educational program with seminars and symposium and through a unique mentoring program for outstanding undergraduates, especially those from those underrepresented in dermatology and science, to work in high quality laboratories focused on skin biology and disease.

Core Labs

Cell and Gene Modification Core:
Chuan-Yuan Li, PhD, Co-Director
Charles A. Gersbach, PhD, Co-Director

Animal Models and Tissue Engineering Core:
Jennifer Zhang, PhD, Co-Director
Howard Levinson, MD, Co-Director

Tissue Procurement and Analysis Core:
Angelica Selim, MD, Director

Enrichment Programs:
Terry Lechler, PhD, Director