Duke Dermatology Scholarship for Medical Student Diversity and Community Engagement


Developing a diverse workforce in dermatology and one versed in the skills to support patients of multicultural backgrounds is a nationwide goal and a challenge. Our specialty needs dermatologists from all backgrounds to improve the quality and quantity of clinical and research projects focused on diverse populations, to improve medical education, and to foster better understanding and health of the rich cultural community in which we live and work.

In support of our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, Duke Dermatology will offer a $2000 scholarship to one visiting student per year, which may be applied toward associated costs including travel and lodging.



  • Increase awareness of issues related to underserved and under-represented populations in our community, social determinants of health, and to increase dermatologic care for these populations
  • Promote the needs of underserved and under-represented populations, the methods for enhancing care of these populations, and to encourage academic investigation into these issues
  • Increase the diversity of the dermatology community and academic workforce
  • Connect with students who may later choose to apply to our Diversity and Community Engagement residency program
  • Reduce the financial burden associated with completing a visiting student rotation


Eligible candidate characteristics include:

  • Demonstration of interest and engagement in activities aimed at research, educational program development, leadership roles, and/or community engagement specific to diversity, equity, inclusion and/or community interactions during their educational career
  • Demonstration of a commitment to serving diverse populations in the clinical or medical education setting, research arena, and/or local community after residency
  • The applicant must meet all criteria for visiting students at Duke University
  • Preference is given to students who may otherwise have difficulty in completing an away rotation due to financial constraints. If a financial hardship exists, you may indicate this in your letter of interest.


How to apply:

Please send a completed letter of interest directly via email to Dr. Sabrina Shearer (sabrina.shearer@duke.edu).

  • In what ways have you demonstrated engagement specific to diversity, equity, inclusion, and/or community interactions during your educational career?
  • How do you plan to serve diverse populations during your residency and your dermatology career?

Applications are due no later than March 15, 2024.  Applications received after this date will NOT be considered.

Applicants will be notified of their selection at the time the rotation offer is extended.