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Clinical Research

Clinical research is directed at the discovery and implementation of new therapies for the treatment of skin disease.

Dr. Elise Olsen is conducting clinical trials focused on developing new therapy for cutaneous T cell lymphoma. These studies are directed at all stages of CTCL utilizing both systemic and topical therapy. Dr. Olsen is an active participant in many multicentered clinical trials for CTCL.

Dr. Olsen is also conducting trials on the better understanding the pathogenesis and treatment of hair loss. These studies are focused on both scarring and non-scarring alopecia and include studies defining the clinical presentation, natural history and response to therapy of patients with severe hair loss.
Dr. John Murray is conducting studies focused on new treatments for patients with psoriasis. Studies involving new systemic therapies as well as topical therapy are ongoing. Dr. Murray is also involved in studies utilizing new applications of phototherapy for the treatment of skin disease.

Dr. Russell Hall is conducting trials on the treatment of bullous pemphigoid and pemphigus. These studies utilize new systemic immunosuppressive agents such as rituxan and infliximab for the treatment of patients with disease that is resistant to treatment with prednisone and standard immunosuppression.


Clinical research may be chosen as elective time. Residents who are interested in basic science careers are encouraged to pursue fellowships following a residency in Dermatology laboratories or other basic science laboratories at Duke University. Clinical research fellowships are available and interested applicants are encouraged to contact the investigator or the Department of Dermatology.