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Strength, Hope, and Caring: Clinical and Team Awards

Monday, February 25, 2019

LaFayette Chavis, CMA, was nominated for the Clinical Award after rallying her colleagues around a patient and her family who had been displaced by Hurricane Florence. The entire clinical team at Duke Dermatology 3K, received the nomination for joining together in support of the effort. When Chavis learned that the family lost all of their belongings in the hurricane, she coordinated an effort with her clinical colleagues to raise money and collect clothing to help meet some of the family's basic needs and rebuild after the storm.

Chavis and the entire Duke Dermatology 3K team demonstrated their commitment to caring for patients and their families in an exemplary act of selflessness and compassion for a patient in need.


(1. left to right) LaFayette Chavis, CMA; Simon Curtis, PDC Vice President Ambulatory Services

(2. Left, left to right) Catherine Gaudet, PSA; Edna Atwater, Administrative Director Dermatology; Emily Greene, Health Center Administrator; Barbara Drew, Medical Assistant; Valerie Cypress, Medical Assistant; Betty Tinnin, LPN; Makeda Black, RN; Simon Curtis, PDC Vice President Ambulatory Services; Lynne Morrison, Nurse Manager; Takena Lawson, Medical Assistant; Lakeisha Jennings, Medical Assistant; Lafayette Chavis, Medical Assistant; Anna Jusino, PSA; Russell Hall, MD, Chair of Dermatology