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North Carolina Dermatology Meeting

Thursday, January 24, 2019

We had wonderful presentations and accomplishments at the North Carolina Dermatology Meeting that took place January 11-13 in Pinehurst, NC.


Dr. Diana Norton, third year dermatology resident, won second place with her poster, "You are what you (don't eat)."





Dr. Rambi Cardones, Associate Professor of Dermatology, presented two talks over the weekend which are listed below:

1) "Important and Emerging Chemotherapy Reactions"

- Targeted chemotherapy agents and immune checkpoint inhibitors have changed the landscape of cancer treatment. However, these treatments are commonly associated with cutaneous reactions. I reviewed the different emerging cutaneous reactions and their clinical significance and impact. I also reviewed the approach to their identification, work up and treatment.

2) "Novel Treatments for Autoimmune Connective Tissue Disorders"

- I reviewed immune therapies, their potential uses in treating cutaneous autoimmune diseases, their side effects. I discussed potential uses of topical and systemic Jak inhibitors. I also discussed as updated guidelines on the use and monitoring of more traditional medications such as hydroxychloroquine.