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Latest News from Duke Dermatology

Resident awarded top presentation at NC. Dermatology Association  Summer  Meeting
Dr. Jolene Jewell presented a case of cutaneous Rosai Dorfman Disease at the North Carolina Dermatology Association summer meeting.
Dr. Jewell’s presentation was recognized as the best resident presentation at the meeting.  Congratulations to Dr. Jewell and to her co – author Dr. Burton for an outstanding presentation.

Duke Dermatology would like to announce the promotion of Jane S. Bellet, MD to the rank of Associate Professor of Dermatology.  Dr. Bellet has developed an active pediatric dermatology practice, with a focus on procedural dermatology in children, including surgical and laser procedures.  She has added additional expertise in diseases of the nail and is seeing both adults and children and significant nail disorders.  She has also developed expertise in the treatment of hyperhidrosis.  A special area of clinical expertise of Dr. Bellet relates to the diagnosis and management of patients with hemangiomas/port wine stains and other vascular malformations.  Dr. Bellet is an excellent pediatric dermatologist who is committed to the care of children, the advancement of knowledge in this area of medicine and to teaching and we would like to say congratulations on her promotion.


In recognition for his commitment to global health at Duke, Neil Prose has been named an Affiliate of the Duke Global Health Institute.

He has also been named to the steering committee of “Defining Global Health Humanities at Duke,” a newly-funded  project aimed at coordinating efforts of scholars in humanities and global health.


Recent & Upcoming Speaking Engagements:

Jane Bellet, MD

Society for Pediatric Dermatology Annual Meeting - July 2014
Invited Speaker

Terry Lechler, PhD

 Emory Cell Biology Department
-  Cytoskeletal control of epidermal development and function
- Forming Desmosome-Keratin Attachments

Jennifer Zhang, PhD

Society of Investigative Dermatology - May 2014
- Oral Presentation - Effect of Combination Therapies of Thioridazine and Vemurafenib on Melanoma.

- Poster Presentation - Genome-wide target gene analysis reveals both cell autonomous and paracrine effects of JunB in epidermal growth and inflammation. -

- c-Myc plays an important role in CYLD mutant-driven skin abnormalities.


Some of our faculty will be attending the 2014 Summer Academy meeting for the American Academy of Dermatology.  Below are the talks they will be presenting:

Amber Atwater, MD

Summer American Academy Meeting - August 2014
-- Session: Face to Face: Management of Facial Dermatosis -- Title: Allergic Contact Dermatitis of the Face

Adela Rambi Cardones, MD

Summer American Academy Meeting - August 2014
-- Session: Inpatient Consultative Dermatology -- Open Forum

Erin Lesesky, MD

Summer American Academy Meeting - August 2014
-- Session: Face to Face: Management of Facial Dermatosis -- Title: New Management of Strategies for Facial Dermatosis

Sarah Myers, MD

Summer American Academy Meeting - August 2014
-- Session: Update Platform: Cutaneous Oncology -- Title: Use of EGFR inhibitors in NMSC

Elise Olsen, MD

Summer American Academy Meeting - August 2014
-- Session: Women's Health Therapeutic Hotline -- Title: Hormonal therapy for alopecia

Sarah Wolfe, MD

Summer American Academy Meeting - August 2014
-- Session: Face to Face: Management of Facial Dermatosis -- Title: Periorificial Dermatitis


Recent Publications:

Elise Olsen, MD

Ogunley TA, McMichael A, Olsen EA.  Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia: What Has Been Achieved, Current Clues for Future Research.  Dermatol Clin. 2014 Apr;32(2):173-81.  PMID: 24680004

Terry Lechler, PhD

Sumigray K, Zhou K, Lechler T.  Cell-Cell Adhesions and Cell Contractility Are Upregulated upon Desmosome Disruption.  PLoS One. 2014 Jul 9;9(7):e101824.  PMID: 25006807

Michelle Pavlis, MD

Siriratsivawong R, Pavlis M, Hymers SR, Mintzer JP.  Congenital Candidiasis:  An Uncommon Skin Eruption Presenting at Birth.  Cutis. 2014 May;93(5):229-32. PMID: 24897134

Rebecca Bialas, MD

American Academy of Dermatology Study Guide, Boards Fodder: Phototherapy


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