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Dr. and Mrs. Paul Cook Visiting Professors

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Cook (MD '51, HA '56-59) have endowed an annual Visiting Professor for the Department of Dermatology.  This annual award is a highlight of the academic year and brings outstanding academic dermatologists to Duke to meet with the Residents and Faculty of the Department.


 Dr. and Mrs Paul Cook Visiting Professor

 2002  Lisa A Beck, MD (HS '87-90)
 2003  Kim B. Yancey, MD
 2004  Seth J. Orlow, MD, PhD
 2005  Neil Shear, MD
 2006  John J. Zone, MD
 2007  Stuart Lessin, MD
 2008  John McGrath, MD
 2009  Paul Nghiem, MD, PhD
 2010  Dr. Hywel Williams
 2011  Thomas Stasko, MD
 2012  Angela Christiano,  PhD
2013  Roy Colven, MD
2015 Daniel Kaplan, MD, PhD
2016 Timothy Johnson, MD
2017 Tiffany Scharschmidt, MD
2018 Toby Maurer, MD
2020 Johann Gudjonsson, MD, PhD